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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States Regional Low Carbon Fuel Standard Stakeholder Meeting

October 27, 2009
Board of Public Utilities, Newark NJ

Meeting Summary


8:45 a.m.Light Breakfast
9:30 a.m.Welcome
Jeanne Herb, Director of Policy, Planning and Science at New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
9:40 a.m.Meeting Goals and Groundrules
Catherine Morris, Facilitator
9:50 a.m.Overview of LCFS Program Goals, Structure & Process
Marjorie Kaplan, NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection, Office of Climate and Energy
Michelle Manion and Matt Solomon, NESCAUM
11:00 a.m.Clarifying Questions from Stakeholders
Catherine Morris
11:30 a.m.Lunch
12:30 p.m.Transportation Fuels -- Stakeholder Panel #1
  • What are the technical and economic prospects for lower-carbon fuels and in what timeframe?
Introductions: Marcia Ways, MD Department of Environment
Liquid Fuel: Robin Jeninks, Dupont-Danisco
    Steven Levy, Sprague Energy
    Al Mannato, American Petroleum Institute
Electricity: Michael Van Brunt, Covanta Energy
    John Cabaniss, Association of International Automobile Manufacturers
Natural Gas: Chris Cavanagh, National Grid
2:00 p.m.Break
2:15 p.m.Heating Fuels -- Stakeholder Panel #2
  • What are the prospects and timeline for low-carbon fuels for space heating?
  • Should space heating fuels be included in a regional LCFS?
  • How might non-liquid fuels be treated?
Introductions: Steve Flint, NY DEC
Oil Heat: John Huber, National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA)
    Eric DeGesero, Fuel Merchants Assoc. of New Jersey
Bio Heat: Shelby Neal, National Biodiesel Board
Wood: Charlie Niebling, New England Wood Pellet
Solar: Jonathan Beckett, RW Beckett Corp.
3:30 p.m.Sustainability of Low Carbon Fuels -- Stakeholder Panel #3
  • What are the potential land, water, and air implications of expanding the use of low carbon fuels?
Introductions: Serpil Guran, NJ DEP
    Jeremy Martin, Union of Concerned Scientists
    Geoff Cooper, Renewable Fuels Association
    Margaret Brennan, Rutgers University
4:15 p.m.Opportunity for Additional Stakeholder Input
4:45 p.m.Wrap-up & Next Steps
Marjorie Kaplan, NJ DEP & Catherine Morris
5:00 p.m.Adjourn

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